Introducing $NWC

Nwicode releases new decentralised BEP20 token


Today we are thrilled to announce Nwicode will be getting its own decentralised BEP20 currency, $NWC.

The NWC token is a resident token of the Nwicode CMS software. It is designed to offer a variety of utilities for all members of the community of mobile application developers, marketing agencies and freelancers.

Nwcoin It differs from other digital currencies by an amazing, dynamic No-Code community consisting of friendly people like you. Nwcoin creates incentives for all key players of the blockchain ecosystem, ensuring the decentralized development of digital money in the No-Code developer community

$NWC is developed on the basis of a mobile application development platform that unites developers and digital agencies and allows them to buy and sell their applications, design elements and their own services. This gives $NWC a real practical benefit in the NWICODE ecosystem.

Among the utilities for NWC:

— Currency for the domestic market: We firmly believe that developers should truly own crypto assets in the virtual space. Developers can trade their templates, plugins, ready-made applications using NWC.

— Rewards: For winning tournaments, completing quests and other in-system actions, users will receive NWC tokens. We strive to be ardent supporters of free tools in which you need to earn money.

— In-system donations and Rewards: In our program for authors, we will team up with digital agencies and software developers who will be able to receive donations and rewards from participants for joining the Nwicode ecosystem community.

ICO Calendar

1. PRE-ICO ( PRIVATE ) from January 21 to January 23 ( 48 hours )


0.01 USD ICO ISSUED 5000000 NWC ; BONUS 15%

2. ICO ( PUBLIC ) from January 24 to February 24


0.02 USD ICO ISSUED 500000000 NWC ; BONUS 10%

How to participate?

  1. Register here
  2. Go to the tab “Buy coin”
  3. Buy coin with credit card, coin payment



Student. A future surgeon. I like to create mobile applications without code

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Diana Mayer

Student. A future surgeon. I like to create mobile applications without code