How to prepare your business to launch online and save thousands of dollars

Just yesterday, packaging your business to launch online could have cost you hundreds of thousands and long hours of waiting. Today, thanks to new technologies and the development of platforms without code, this can be done almost for free and quickly.

business automation
business automation

In this article, I will not do an overview of the best tools for creating anything. I want to give some examples of where to start and what I personally use.

In this article we will find out:

  • To create a web site
  • Create a mobile app
  • Prepare a CRM

1. Creating a website for our company

Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas.


Build your site for free and take as long as you need. Build production-ready experiences without coding. I liked this website builder not only for its simplicity and convenience, but also for the time it took me to launch my website, it took about 3 days and the monthly subscription cost was only $ 12.

2. Create a mobile app

Nwicode CMS mobile app builder without code

mobile app builder without code
Nwicode CMS

NWICODE CMS project — Service for quickly creating and managing content of mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms without programming skills using ready-made functionality.

The ability to create applications as in the NWICODE cloud service according to the Saas version (paying monthly subscriptions), as well as the purchase of a license (1 year with subsequent update) of a boxed product with installation on your own servers.

It took me only 2 days to create my application, I chose the monthly plan for $ 12. To publish in the Play market, I paid a membership fee (for a developer account in Google) $ 25 and for publishing in the App Store $ 99. My expenses were $ 136 and one week to launch.

3. Prepare a CRM

Bitrix24 The system includes all the necessary tools for organizing the work of the company, increasing sales and automating the business


Bitrix24 is a Russian system that allows you to organize the management of a company (business). With its help, you can increase sales and save on management. This system is needed to optimize the organization’s business processes, as well as to give the manager reliable tools to control subordinates.

Bitrix 24 has all the tools that make it possible to simplify the work of company personnel and improve interaction with customers.

CRM allows you to account for potential customers, track orders, payments, sales funnel, etc. There are all the necessary tools to communicate with customers. The system of managers’ work is automated. There are control and planning tools. The system can be accessed from any country in the world. To do this, just install the application on your smartphone.

The results of Bitrix 24

Thanks to the implementation of Bitrix24 CRM, it is possible to increase the number of buyers and the average check, make repeat sales more likely, and also evaluate the effectiveness of salespeople.

The manager gets his hands on reliable tools for monitoring employees. Subordinates can better control their work and thus avoid violations. CRM also allows you to plan the timing of projects.

The cost depends on the tools you need for your business. I’m currently using a free plan.

Let’s sum up…

So, the time it takes to launch the website, mobile application and set up the CRM will take about a month, during this period you will not incur any expenses.

The amount you have to spend: website = $ 12 per month, application $ 12 per month (one-time payment for a membership fee in Google and eple = $ 124), CRM = 0. Total in the first month = $ 48 and then $ 24 per month.

Result — try to calculate your costs in case of involving a development team and further maintenance and support … I am sure that this figure will be with several zeros and the waiting period for the launch of your projects can reach up to 6 months.

Student. A future surgeon. In my free time I work at Nwicode. I love creating mobile apps for online stores