What to choose, a mobile app designer or contact an agency? Pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking and challenging the status quo, we at Nwicode sought to determine what was in the traditional method of software development, that is, through SAAS or an agency, that led to so many unfulfilled dreams.

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The high-tech startup in the field of developing mobile applications without code can not boast of the support of investors, and a large number of skeptics. With the right marketing, it’s capitalizing on the pandemic boom in mobile technology.

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Diana Mayer

Just yesterday, packaging your business to launch online could have cost you hundreds of thousands and long hours of waiting. Today, thanks to new technologies and the development of platforms without code, this can be done almost for free and quickly.

business automation
business automation

In this article we will find out:

  • To create a web site

Diana Mayer

Student. A future surgeon. In my free time I work at Nwicode. I love creating mobile apps for online stores

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